Available for special order...

Shapes/sizes for holidays or special occasions

Marshmallow cookie Sandwiches

(similar to S'mores)

Specific flavors

Shower favors

Party trays

Corporate gifts

Mail delivery* 

*(allow 5-10 days for fulfillment of order and Priority delivery by USPS. When needed, order will ship with ice packs to help with melting. Summer mail delivery of chocolate covered products is at purchasers risk.)


In some batches there are scraps or leftovers that we lovingly refer to as "dumplings".

These pieces are odd shapes and sizes that are great for snacking or making your own "cereal treats".

These are not always available so call for availability.

An 8oz bag is $6

*Please note: Not all flavors are available at all times.

​​       The Artisan Marshmallow Co.

Our Signature Flavors...

Bourbon Vanilla


​Peanut butter


Mint Chocolate Chip

Vermont Maple 

Bourbon Vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough

​Cinnamon & sugar



​Toasted Coconut

*Additional Special flavors available monthly